Summary of our Collection Programmes

ADIVALOR outlines the organising, financing and technical practicalities of the collections. It also operates in the initial stages of the process, during the preparatory and organizational phases. It offers communication tools and teaching aids to operators and deploys R&D programmes with an aim to improve the recovery and optimization of waste collected.

285,000 professionals and farmers, including those from green spaces, each year bring their used packaging and plastics to one of the 6,000 collection points made available by 1,200 collection organisers, notably distributors, who work alongside ADIVALOR.
After gathering the materials, ADIVALOR organises the plastics and packaging to be picked up via specialist companies.
The collected waste is sent on-site to be sorted and recycled, or transferred in transit where it is subject to pre-treatment (such as grinding down).

The agreement signed by ADIVALOR and each collection operator guarantees the removal and recovery of waste within the strict respect of regulations. The traceability of these operations is assured by the systematic use of tracking forms, from collection to final treatment.

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