Who does what?

Adivalor's performance depends largely on the principal of shared responsibility amongst the private agri-supply companies:

  • Users, mainly farmers, are asked to prepare and store products at the end of their life cycle, and to bring back their waste packaging to specific depots on dates set by their distributors
  • Distributors, cooperatives and dealers are responsible for organizing the collection, storage and regrouping of that waste
  • Market players (manufacturers, importers) finance the recovery and treatment of waste, as well as ADIVALOR's operational plans, via a specific eco-tax

The organization also relies on support from Chambers of Agriculture and other professional organizations to relay information to farmers and coordinate the organization of collections throughout the country.

ADIVALOR outlines the technical practicalities of the collections, organizes and finances all or part of the elimination of crop protection products at the end of their life cycle. It also operates in the initial stages of the process, during the preparatory and organizational phases. It offers communication tools and teaching aids to operators and deploys R&D programmes with an aim to improve the recovery and optimization of waste collected.

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