Technical Advisory Committee

ADIVALOR’s technical committee is a means of exchange and consultation between all the stakeholders within the agriplastics waste management scheme.

During meetings, the following topics are addressed:

  • News concerning the scheme
  • Developments on technical and regulatory aspects of the collection programme for different waste streams
  • Research actions and studies


A plenary commission gathers 2 times a year with the entire committee membership and engages in the following activities:

  • It is kept informed about the above topics
  • The commission can give an opinion on the conclusions of specific work within the scheme and put forward recommendations on priority areas for the coming years.
  • The members of the commission can be consulted individually by a work group or by a member of the committee in order to bring their specialized knowledge on a topic.

Work groups, led by an operational member of the ADIVALOR team, gathers together professionals involved in the implementation of specialised techniques suggested by ADIVALOR.

  • They help to enhance procedures which improve the functioning of the scheme
  • The experts from the committee can individually be appointed to bring their specialised knowledge on a topic.

A specialised operational committee, composed of members representing partner organisations within the scheme such as manufacturers, distributors, farmer representatives and management teams, unites under the demand of ADIVALOR. It evaluates and validates propositions suggested by the work groups or by the operational team at ADIVALOR.
This particular committee is chaired by Pierre de Lépinau, CEO of ADIVALOR. Its composition evolves according to extension of outreaches within the scheme and the requests made those wishing to take part.
Those currently invited to participate in plenary commissions are as follows:

  • Professional agricultural organisations
  • Organisations representing the manufacturing of agricultural supplies
  • Those representing other specialists in the scheme
  • Services of the governmental Ministries
  • Public bodies such as water supply agencies, Ademe etc.
  • Institutes and specialist centres
  • Environmental associations
  • Qualified associations or individuals


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