The sector's performance depends largely on the principal of shared responsibility amongst the private agri-supplies companies.

Distributors play a decisive role in providing labour and logistical services in order for the waste collections to be carried out. They are the interface between farmers and other professional users. Their contribution and dedication is vital to agricultural distribution by ensuring a regular follow-up service to users until the end of the product life-cycle. 

More than 1,064 distributors, cooperatives or traders, were registered by ADIVALOR in 2006 for the collection of used packaging. This corresponds to a network of 4,371 collection depots nationwide, proposing a minimum of two collections per year. 

Coop de France looks after the interests of 200 grain collection cooperatives and agri-supplies distributors that represent 74% of the French national cereal collection. Coop de France has put a Cooperative Advisory Charter in place that guarantees quality and professionalism on the advisory services offered by the cooperatives.                                                                                                                                                                                 


Union InVivo is the leading European cooperative group in agricultural purchases, sales and services, with 292 cooperative members. Its approach relies on a national network that helps farmers put the best methods of practice in place, in order to have the most advanced agricultural practices while respecting the environment.                                                                                                    


The Agricultural Traders Federation brings together 500 trading/wholesale companies that are involved in advisory roles by the recommendation and sale of agricultural inputs such as the collection, storage and sale of cereals, oleaginous and proteaginous plants. These agricultural companies demonstrate their sense of responsibility in the hygiene and safety sector and their capacity to assume these responsibilities. 


Examples of distributing outlets

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