Used Agriplastic Film

Plastic film is used in agriculture to protect crops and animal feed. They are usually made from polyethylene.

A 5 year agreement outlining the provision of services was signed between APE and ADIVALOR in February 2009.  
Manufacturers asked the following of ADIVALOR for 2009:

  • To offer technical support to local operators (distributors, chambers of agriculture, CUMA...),
  • To establish stable relationships by contracting French and European recoverers and recyclers, in order to secure and improve the optimization of used agricultural films,
  • To engage in an R&D programme to improve the recovery and treatment process,  
  • To organise and engage in recovery operations or give financial aid to the collection agencies,
  • To encourage all market players (manufacturers, importers) to join the ADIVALOR organization.

21 market players, representing 80% of the market (40,000 tonnes in 2009), are involved in the organisation initiated by the CPA. At present, 70,000 tonnes of used agricultural film must be recycled every year.

71% of used film has been collected since 2009, a programme created by the French initiative ‘Agriculture, Plastic and the Environment’. Used agricultural film is 99% recycled to make eco-bags and canvas sheets.

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