Plastic films

Plastic films are used in agriculture for the protection of market garden crops or for the good conservation of fodder in cattle-breeding farming. 
This collection program falls under the “Agriculture Plastics and Environment” (APE) initiative, launched in 2008 by the professionals of plastic films in agriculture: manufacturers, distributors, users, technical institutes, chamber of agriculture. The marketers adhering to the APE initiative represent 95% of agricultural plastic films put on the market in France. 
This program was set up in 2009 and covers an annual target base of used agricultural films estimated at 64 332 tons (2011 estimations). The level of soilage in organic matter is high: 44% on average. It can vary between less than 15% (greenhouse films) and more than 70% in the case of films used for covering soil in market gardening (mulch films).


RAFU II call for projects 

A.D.I.VALOR and the French Committee for Plastics in Agriculture (CPA) have launched a call for projects:

Recyclage Agriculture Films Usagés - RAFU II - “Recycling Agriculture Used Films - RAFU II”

This is a financial support system for projects aimed at improving the conditions for plastic films disposal in market gardening. 

To download the call for projects : click here.