ADIVALOR defines the technical ways and means of collections by organising and financing all or part of the elimination of phytosanitary products. The organisation equally steps in beforehand during the preparatory and organisational phases, as well as offering communication advice to operators, such as prevention, education and information within the agricultural waste domain.

Alongside this, the organization is developing a study centre focusing on collection procedures for each type of agricultural waste, in order to refine the evaluation of the quantity of agricultural waste, as well as providing additional information on the environmental impact of phytosanitary products. The study centre will also help to optimize the cost and procedures within the different domains, as well as putting forward the criteria for the sustainable design of packaging and wording to manufacturers.

This work is regularly presented to a specialized committee who consist of a group of experts in the domains surrounding ADIVALOR.



To increase the rate of collection by 73% and the recycling rate by 95%

To collect 75% and recycle 55% of empty pesticide packaging

To collect 76% and recycle 99% of fertilizer and soil-enhancer packaging

To collect 75% and recycle 99% of used Big Bags containing seed, grain and potato seedlings

To collect 61% and recycle 83% of dairy farming hygiene product waste

To collect 75% and recycle 99% of used agri-plastic film.


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