For the past ten years, the issue of waste management has become more regulated and responsibility has been placed largely on manufacturers to resolve this concern. Of course the principle of “he who pollutes pays” applies to farmers but also to the distributors, manufacturers and importers of these products which produce waste.

As a result, environmental organizations reunited in order to establish coherent waste disposal methods between all stakeholders involved. This action was reinforced by the creation of the Grenelle Environmental Law (projet de loi Grenelle I, chapitre II, article 41) which states that that all manufacturers are accountable for the waste created by their products and must use all existing measures to ensure the reduction, reutilization and recycling of this waste.

It is for this reason that in 2001, a voluntary initiative was put in place by crop protection and agri-supply companies to manage phytopharmaceutical products at the end of their life cycle. This voluntary not-for-profit organization (NPO) is ADIVALOR.

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