Company History

ADIVALOR was created on 4th July 2001, under the initiative of the French Plant Protection Industry Asssociation (UIPP).

Since its creation in 2001, the type of waste collected has visibly progressed:

  • 2001: Plastic containers from Phytopharmaceutical products
  • 2003: Plastic/Metal barrels with a capacity of between 25-300 litres
  • 2005: Paper, cardboard, plastic bags and boxes
  • 2007: Big bags, fertilizer and soil enhancer bags
  • 2008: Used Agricultural Film
  • 2009: Big bags of seeds and potatoe plants
  • 2010: Empty packaging from Dairy farm hygiene products

Founded in 2001, ADIVALOR is one of the most advanced examples of a voluntary environmental organization in Europe. France is the only country in Europe to have a national voluntary organization dedicated entirely to the recovery of agri-supply waste, operational nationwide.

Following an agreement signed in 2003, this voluntary initiative is dependent on the support of the Department of Ecology and Sustainable Development (MEDD) and the Environmental and Energy Conservation Agency (ADEME).

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