It’s under the initiative of the French Association for the Crop Protection Industry (UIPP) that A.D.I.VALOR was created in 2001. 

In 2015, 360 marketers - including industrialists, manufacturers and importers - contributed to the financing the A.D.I.VALOR’s action program.
These companies thus prove their full commitment to a responsible management of their products during all their life cycles. 
The A.D.I.VALOR pictogram, which is affixed to their packaging, or APE (Agriculture Plastic Environment) for plastics, is proof of this commitment and favors the buying of the products originating from partnering companies. 

A levy or “eco-contribution” is charged by and collected via the following professional bodies:

COVADA, created by the French Association for the Crop Protection Industry (UIPP) and the Union of Professionals for Gardens and Green Spaces (UPJ)

SOVEEA, Company for the Valorization of Fertilizers and Soil enhancers Eco-actions, created in 2007 by the French Union of fertilizing industry (UNIFA) and the national professional association for fertilizers and enhancers (ANPEA)

APE, Agriculture, Plastics and Environment commission, created by the French Committee for Plastics in Agriculture (CPA)

ARES, Association for the Recovery and recycling of Seed Packaging, created by the French Union of seeds companies

SEPH, Solution for Hygiene Products Packaging, created by members of the hygiene and detergence union (AFISE).