Manufacturers involved in the waste management process produce the following products:

  • Crop protection product packaging
  • Fertilizer and soil enhancer packaging
  • Seed and seedling bags (plastic and paper)  
  • Non-packaging plastic film

In 2015, 360 market players including industrialists, manufacturers and traders contributed to the financing the ADIVALOR’s action programme.
These societies take responsibility for the management of end-of-life products. The ADIVALOR logo, which is affixed to their packaging, is proof of this commitment and favours the buying of these products originating from partnering societies.

An 'eco-fee' is charged by and collected via the following professional organisations:

  • COVADA - created by the French Association for the Crop Protection Industry (UIPP) and the Union of Professionals for Gardens and Green Spaces (UPJ)
  • SOVEEA - Society for the Recovery of Fertiliser and Soil-Enriching Agent Packaging
  • APE -  Agriculture, Plastics and Environment commission
  • ARES - Association for the Recovery of Seed Packaging
  • SEPH - Solution for Hygiene Product Packaging in dairy farming


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