Scheme’s presentation

Scheme’s presentation


For the past ten years, the issue of waste management has become more regulated and responsibility has been placed largely on manufacturers to resolve this concern under the « extended producer responsibility » concept. The « polluter pays » principle applies to the waste holder but also to the distributors, manufacturers and importers of the products that produce waste.

As a result, eco-organizations (under the French term of “éco-organisme”) reunited in order to establish new distribution responsibilities and new ways of cooperation between all stakeholders involved. These orientations were reinforced by the adoption of the French “Grenelle” Environmental Law (« projet de loi Grenelle I », chapter II, article 41), which states that the responsibility of manufacturers for the waste derived from their products will be extended to encourage reduction, and facilitate reuse and recycling of this waste, taking into account the existing shared responsibility instruments.

It is for this reason that in 2001, a voluntary initiative was put in place by the agri-supplies sector to manage plant protection products waste. This voluntary not-for-profit organization (NPO) or eco-organization is A.D.I.VALOR.