New projects

New collection programmes are now under consideration; they focus on the management of other inputs and end-of-life agricultural equipment (various packaging and plastics, pipes, wooden pallets and cardboard boxes). The collection and recovery of these end-of-life products is complex: this waste is very heterogeneous and is dispersed across the whole area.
ADIVALOR brings its expertise to the manufacturers, suppliers and the whole of the professional agricultural industry to focus on and refine collection and recovery solutions for these complex waste products.

Anti-hail netting

Concerned about finding a safe and sustainable solution to recycling used anti-hail netting, horticulturalists united with anti-hail netting manufacturers and suppliers in order to organise the management of these used plastics. This aligns itself largely with the European initiative “Agriculture, Plastics and Environment” (APE), organised by industrialists for the responsible and sustainable use of plastics in agriculture.  
Since the 1st March 2015, ADIVALOR has begun to organise and manage the collection and recycling of used anti-hail netting across the whole area, alongside distributors and voluntary horticulturalists.

In collaboration with the French Committee of Agricultural Plastics and the concerned manufacturers, ADIVALOR has made several studies into the possibility of implementing nationwide collection and recovery measures for other used agriplastics: irrigation drippers, non-woven films, etc.

Waste from the treatment of phytosanitary effluents

In 2010 ADIVALOR published a guide on the treatment of waste from the treatment of phytosanitary effluents which originate from the draining and cleaning of sprayers.
Since 2011, ADIVALOR, manufacturers and suppliers concerning the treatment of phytosanitary effluent waste have signed contracts on a trial basis:
-    Axe environment for the Osmofilm® process
-    Solhead for the Héliosec®
-    Vitivista for the BF Bulles® process
Dry waste which comes from these processes is recovered and eliminated by ADIVALOR at the same time as non-usable phytopharmaceutical products.

Used personal protection equipment

Farmers are using protection equipment more frequently (gloves, overalls, eyewear, masks) during the handling and application of PPPs. ADIVALOR carried out a feasibility study in order to pinpoint the conditions for implementing a collection system for used personal protection equipment. Pilot collection operations for this waste have already been put in place in the French regions of Champagne Ardennes, Lorraine and Pays-de-la-Loire, supported by the Chambers of agriculture and the concerned suppliers, alongside the technical support of ADIVALOR.

Empty packaging from  the oenological sector and hygiene products from wine cellars 

In 2006, ADIVALOR carried out a feasibility study on behalf of the French Union of Oenological Laboratories and Industries (U.F.L.I.O). With the specialist backing of ADIVALOR, pilot operations have been carried out in vineyards in the Champagne and Bordeaux regions.

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